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Deer Swipe

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This is how it began

One cold and strange April afternoon, the Wizard and the Red Queen met,

she had asked him to meet, after days of uncertainty and distance, months before they had found that mysterious book, which said on the cover in large letters "Deer Swipe", and spent months trying to decipher each letter, The magician imagined that the queen had discovered something, however, upon arrival, the queen with her haughty demeanor and that cold look that one day had hypnotized him, said goodbye forever, and left without further ado, leaving the magician with the great book in his hands, and a heart full of sorrow.


The magician could not understand that event, the clouds swirled around him, the gray sky turned black and a furious storm fell on his shoulders for long and complex days, he felt lost, the rays of light did not penetrate the kingdom and he walked aimlessly, holding the book, and blaming him for having lost the red queen.

He placed the book on a large oak trunk, and at that moment, the sky opened dissipating every cloud, the immense darkness was gone forever, and he could see how a serene figure approached, with firm steps, who prostrated himself in front of him, and took off the peculiar hat that hid his face, their gazes met, and the magician knew it was his great friend, the wise man.

The wise man took the book, opened it to the first page and then began to read:

Deer Swipe, being of light, fighting against the immense darkness, magic will become possible when the warriors find their way, the sage will guide them and the wizard will show the spells to defeat their greatest fears.

The magician and the sage had found a treasure and a great responsibility, they had to make Deer Swipe a reality in the kingdom, and it would be the book that would lead them and show them the different spells, but to be able to cast them, understanding, compassion and comprehension were required for each other.

An incantation could only be cast, if in its true intentions was the good for all those, who would inhabit the earth, for each one of them had to take responsibility for what he created.

The journey began, they were to visit four great cities, and so at each step, the magic began to form, now the wizard and the sage knew each of the spells of "Deer Swipe" , but they had to find the people who could give them the secret ingredients to achieve them, together they headed towards distant lands, looking for the warriors, those heroes who needed them to begin each of the great stories that were about to be told.

Deep in the dark forest, among the icy wastes of the Red Queen, her vassals gathered around her to let her know that the Wizard and the Sage, had succeeded in deciphering the mystery of "Deer Swipe", she, who never had any other purpose beyond absorbing the wizard's magic and destroying him, was filled with rage, and decided to start a plan to bring him down on the way to meet the hero. She enchanted every city the Wizard would visit and then the warriors would not be able to see in him the being of light, but rather they would see anger, disbelief and madness, for their spellcasters would speak for "Deer Swipe", without knowing him, without knowing anything, leaving ignorance and uncertainty in their wake.

But the Wise Man, knew the intentions of the Red Queen, so he spoke to the Magician and supported him to erase the slightest trace of love and admiration for her, so that he could not be violated on the way, so he called the White Queen, a being of light, who, through the power of love and the magic of the angels, got the magician to wake up from a deep spell cast by the Red Queen, and looking them in the eyes he said:

A wise man and a magician are made up of respect, vocation of service and empathy, as they are committed to "Deer Swipe" and to all heroes, heroines and potential warriors, to generate changes in their history through magic, their talent and the recognition of all their abilities to guide them with wisdom by implementing the magic that shapes the greatest dreams.

The Wizard could continue his journey, he had recognized himself in the eyes of the White Queen, and found his reflection and his path when he looked at himself in the river. "Deer Swipe" was made up of multiple challenges to overcome, and a long journey to gather in that millenary castle all those who would bring magic and wisdom to all the kingdoms of the universe, where everything was possible.

The magician and the sage, forged the steps to follow to become the best allies in the formation of heroes teaching the magic and wisdom that would transform the lives of those magical beings who had been chosen millions of years before, to discover the magic of Deer Swipe, so they had to go through each of the four cities.

Among the wuthering peaks was sheltered the City of nomads, the City of Knowledge, for which they searched for months, passing through hundreds of paths, picking up the footsteps and listening to the secrets of the trees, which had seen them, and jealously guarded their memory.


The sage knew the nomads because it was the origin of the sage, with a large and hidden library, where information was stored, spells. They are people responsible for the use of knowledge, it is accessed at specific and magical points, because of this had left 500 years ago, where he got his knowledge, as jealously guarded the books that made up the wisdom of the land, and which could only access those who were worthy of finding him, because every day they were in a new place, jealously guarding the wisdom, the most wonderful gift on earth. The sage found his way home, and was able to take the Wizard to this iconic place, to decipher together the complex secrets and magic of Deer Swipe.

After months of delving into the depths of wisdom, they decided to continue their journey to the minstrels' agora, to meet the storytellers, who would give them the voice and words to guide the warriors through their messages. The minstrels took them to the minstrel queen, who gave them the gift of the word, and set out on the journey with them to the citadel of magic.

In the Citadel of Magic, alchemy is practiced, because with it one can obtain what everyone wants, the deepest secrets of magic. The Magician feared for his return, for he did not know if the spell had penetrated that hypnotic place. However, when he entered the place, the old alchemist magician recognized him and received him in a fraternal embrace, and offered him the spell to get the gold, with the voice of the queen of the minstrels, alchemy, and white magic, the spells were able to be cast through the words of the Magician.

With alchemy, magic, voice and wisdom, the journey continued to the people of the dwarves, those little men forged by hard work, who control the realm of commerce and generate tools that bring wealth to the world. The wizard and the wise man recognized among the dwarves, the greatest inventors, creators of tools, which were shared with them, to increase their wisdom and power.


After long months of touring those cities, the Wizard and the Sage, were ready to search for the heroes they were to drive to learn magic, wisdom and alchemy, they were stronger and were ready to share their knowledge.

They had formed a strong and powerful team, with the support of the Queen of the Minstrels, the White Queen, the alchemists and the tools of the dwarves, the Wizard and the Sage, they had enhanced their abilities, they knew magic and spells, they discovered that they had been the first men to reach the secrets of Deer Swipe, and they reached them, now they had to continue bringing magic and wisdom to all warriors, heroes and heroines willing to reach the secrets of that magical book.

To be continued...

Deer Swipe

The place where magic and transformation meet is our way of serving you, bringing you clarity and the tools to execute that clarity.

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